Pushing through failure…

You’re determined, you try over and over, distractions try to get in your way but you keep going, you have a lot of responsibilities, you pray, you read your bible, you’re struggling, and regardless of what happens you keep going but still YOU STILL FAIL! Yea, I know you wonder where is God? Why is he not helping you? He knows your heart right? He knows your needs right at this very moment right? Yea so WHERE IS HE YOU THINK TO YOURSELF RIGHT??? When is it ever going to end? You think maybe it’s not for me or maybe I need to do something else. I know the feeling oh so well. But have you ever thought maybe God is doing a knew thing within you? Maybe God is strengthening your FAITH, maybe he is building your COURAGE, maybe he shaping you so you won’t just be good but so you can be GREAT!!! You know those situations that happened and it caused you to give up HOPE! Yea it made you want to walk away from God because you felt like he wasn’t there or he wasn’t fast enough for you. God is an ON TIME GOD. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses! Have you ever just stopped and asked God “WHAT IS IT YOU WANT ME TO DO” or “WHAT IS IT YOU WANT ME TO LEARN IN THE MIST OF THIS SITUATION”? I encourage you to ask God those questions and WAIT on him to answer you. The next time you are feeling discouraged just give the Lord some praise!!! That’s right, CONFUSE THE DEVIL!!!!! God knew who you were when you were in your mother’s womb and the same purpose he spoke over you then is the same purpose that lives within you! DON’T GIVE UP! GOD STILL HAS YOU IN MIND! He is still going to use you! I want you to remember even some of the most successful people in the world suffered great failure but they used those failures as stepping stools! God allowed his only son to die for our sins so surely we aren’t exempted from hardships and afflictions! God knows what he is doing so lean not on your own understanding but unto his! I pray this be a blessing to you and if it has share it with someone else! Until next time……may peace and joy be with you!


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